Dave EllisI was in San Rafael, California a few weeks ago with my son Sean, and we had the pleasure to meet with Dave Ellis. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Dave which gave us an opportunity to learn more about his successful coaching and workshop business. Dave’s story is fascinating! He is a teacher, a coach and now a philanthropist with a mission to help people create the life of their dreams.

If at this point you are asking yourself the proverbial question: What can Dave Ellis do for me that other coaches, books and workshops that I’ve experienced have failed to do? That would be a valid question, and the answer is nothing. Because in the end you are the only one who can take the tools, techniques and processes and apply them to helping transform your life into what you want it to be.

But, in my humble estimation Dave Ellis and his content is the real deal and he provides you with the tools, techniques and processes to help remove the barriers that get in the way of your success. He teaches, through utilizing all of the learning styles, how to identify and work on transforming your beliefs and patterns. His book entitled “Falling Awake: Creating the Life of Your Dreams” is the bible for his students. The format, layout and visual impact that his book uses to engage the reader is truly unique, easy to use and can be approached in a non-linear manner. Dave also conducts workshops by the same name “Falling Awake” and he has a staff of qualified personal/professional coaches to help those students who want to go more deeply into learning how to master the transformation process. I have read lots of material on personal growth and how to live your dreams, but Dave Ellis and his Falling Awake material is amazing. I also recommend his book entitled “Human Being.” You can get this book in PDF form by visiting his web site at www.fallingawake.com.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Dave Ellis.