Lynn PiersonLynn Pierson’s new book entitled, “The Great Awakening“,  is not your typical spiritual self-help book.  Lynn weaves together a great story as a means to engage the reader in the experience of a spiritual awakening. “The Great Awakening” delves into the intersections of science and spirituality, revealing the true source of miracles or the law of attraction. It delves into the true source of personal power, courage and our inherent greatness.

In the novel, a plot to gain control of scientist and mystic Jack Bowman’s cryptic work, propels an after-hours murder in a pharmaceutical research center.  The perpetrator, with his gun pressed to Jack’s head, demands ISIS, the scientist’s unstable formula enabling God-like abilities. Convinced that his work once refined belongs to the masses, Jack refuses to cooperate. Jack is framed for murder and incarcerated–losing everything he holds most dear while he fights for survival. First he must decipher the mystery of controlling ISIS encoded within the arcane text, “A Course in Miracles.”

In my interview with Lynn we discuss not only the significant meaning of the story, but importance that “The Course in Miracles” has played in her personal life transformation.  One of the most meaningful transformations she had was through the practice of the tenant in the Course in Miracles where she created a daily practice of forgiveness. As a result the people in her life started to become transformed.  Her perception of them, and the ego they displayed she was able to look beyond and see them as spiritual beings.

This personal awakening and overall shift in her life has lead her to listen to her intuition, and Lynn is now teaching classes on deepening our connection with our intuition.  If you would like to learn more about Lynn Pierson and her courses and the book ” The Great Awakening” I encourage you to visit her website by clicking here.  Enjoy this great interview with a wonderfully spiritual woman.

Sheena IyengarI happen to be watching “The Sunday Morning Show on CBS” a few weeks ago and was fascinated with a story the reporter was featuring on “The Art of Choosing“.  As soon as I heard the interview with Sheena I wrote down her name and sent her an email so that we could make a connection to do this interview.  Sheena’s new book entitled “The Art of Choosing” is based on her research about how and why people make the choices they do.

In my interview with Sheena we explore the many interesting studies and interviews she conducted to better understand how we choose.  We explore the choices people might make when faced with life or death situations, all the way to the choices we make when faced with too many decisions–like in the grocery store.

Do we calmly accept whatever comes our way, or doggedly pursue the goals we have set for ourselves?  We measure our lives using different markers: years, major events, achievements. We can also measure them by the choices we make, the sum total of which has brought us to wherever and whoever we are today.  When we view life through this lens, it becomes clear that choice is an enormously powerful force, and essential determinant of how we live.

As Sheena states in her book “The Art of Choosing” thanks to recent advances in technology, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging scans, we can identify the main brain system engaged when making choices. It is the part of a set of structures known as the basal ganglia which serve as the sort of switchboard connecting the higher and lower mental functions. The striatum receives sensory information from other parts of the brain and has a role of planning movement which is critical for our choice making.  But it’s main choice-related function has to do with evaluating the reward associated with the experience; it is responsible for altering us that “sugar=good” and “root canal=bad.”  Essentially, it provides the mental connection needed for wanting what we want.

Sheena is truly a wealth of knowledge and the foremost expert on the science of choice.  If you are interested in learning more about her book, and would like to watch a great TED presentation that she recently did please click here for a link to her website and the TED video.  She truly is worth listening to and watching—Enjoy.

Chunyi LinI had the honor of interviewing Chunyi Lin one of the foremost masters on the practice of Qigong.  I know many of you have seen people in the park or possibly on the health channel performing the practice of Qigong and all of the associated methodically movements, and you just might be wondering what it is all about?

According to Chunyi Lin and his book and audio program entitled, “Spring Forest Fundamentals-Unlocking Your Healing Energy: A Simple Guide to Experiencing Optimal Health and Wellness,”  Qigong is the study of energy and since everything is a form of energy, Qigong it is the study of the whole universe, including physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astrology, electricity and medicine.

In China, the ancient art of Qigong has been practiced for many different purposes for thousands of years and the benefits are as many as there are aspects of life.  The Spring Forest Qigong focus is the use of Qigong for healing.

In my interview with Chunyi Lin the Master Qigong teacher, we discuss the importance of getting the movement of energy flowing and releasing the points of blockage.  Chunyi Lin states that there are six main causes of energy blockages: 1) Unbalanced Emotion, 2) Nutrition 3) Weather and Seasons 4) Environment 5) Wrong medications 6) Injury. The active exercises to help release the blockages are like moving meditations. They strengthen our physical energy and help to open all of the energy channels in the body.  They help bring our Yin and Yang energy back into balance, get rid of energy blockages and develop our spiritual energy so that we can heal physically, mentally and spiritually at the same time.

I encourage you to listen to this wonderful podcast with a master in the art and practice of Qigong.  The Spring Forest techniques will certainly heal you, and bring more peace into your life.

If you want to learn more about the Spring Forest Qigong programs I would recommend that you visit the Spring Forest website by clicking here.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with author and master Qigong teacher Chunyi Lin.

Al WalkerI was introduced to Al Walker the author of, “The Sheep Thief,” through Tracey Jones the daughter of Charlie “Tremendous” Jones who published Al’s book and is now running the publishing company since her fathers death.

If you are into parables then you are in luck, because Al’s book is a parable with a wonderful story and message.  It is about two young men in Italy who were caught stealing sheep.  They were immediately taken to trial before the town judge, found guilty and in front of their fellow villagers, were given their sentence.  It was a cruel, harsh and painful sentence that would mark them for life. I will not ruin the story for you but the message is in what the men do with their lives after they are sentenced as thief’s.   Much of Al’s book deals with the lessons learned in life, and how we use adversity in life to make us stronger or for many it is a sentence in which we give up.

Al articulates 10 steps that I believe are so important in life, and really determine our character as individuals. The 10 steps are:

  • You become what you value-I constantly seek to clarify my values.  I know what values are important to me.  I know what I stand for, what I believe in and what I will not compromise.
  • You become what you say-I know and believe that the words I repeatedly use have an impact on who I am.  I will use only words that are helpful, positive encouraging and tasteful.
  • Build on Strengths– I will pursue greater knowledge of my strengths for the rest of my life.  I will maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses in myself and everyone that I meet.
  • Attempt the Difficult-I will continue to challenge myself to try new things in order to grow.  I will relish living in the arena, not in the grandstand.  I will fail forward.
  • Work Conscientiously and Productively-I am committed to the belief that working diligently pays off.  I will do as Aristotle suggested when he said, “Lose yourself in productive work in a way of excellence.”
  • Laugh Often-I will find something to laugh about every day of my life.  I will share this gift generously and often. I will start each day with a smile in my heart, knowing that the rest of my body will follow.
  • Self Discipline-I am on the right track and am putting forth the time, energy and effort to learn and develop what I need to in order to become the person I am capable of becoming and accomplish life’s most important objectives.
  • Be A Self Starter-I will honor my possibilities by truly being a self-starter.  I will not wait on anyone else to “start” me. I START myself.  My positive self-talk will help me be a self-starter.
  • Obey The Laws of Man-I abide by and live, work and play within the laws of the land.  I realize the traffic, civil and all other laws exist for a reason.  I realize the laws and rules establish boundaries for an orderly way of life.
  • Obey The Laws of Nature-I will not let my need for excitement overrule my good judgment.  I will be careful and take the necessary precautions in any activity, whether it is bungee jumping, sky diving, para-sailing etc.

Al’s book is a very easy read, and is loaded with practical advice.  Much of the lessons taught by Al Walker he has experienced himself and you will be able to listen to part of his personal story in our interview together.  You can visit his website by clicking here.

Caroline M. Sutherland I was recently invited to attend the “I Can Do It” Conference hosted by the Hay House.  It was a wonderful event attended by some of the best authors that Hay House has published.  I had the good fortune of being able to meet Caroline Sutherland.  Caroline is a medical intuitive who has completed hundreds of reading over the years and she did an intuitive health reading on me which I found to be very accurate.

In my interview with Caroline we discuss her new book entitled, “The Body Knows-How to Stay Young”.  In our interview together we explore the many reasons that our bodies breakdown and what we can do and how we can arrest the breakdown process.

One of the areas that we explore is our hormonal system.  As Sutherland says, “hormones are chemical messengers that course through the blood stream interfacing between cells delivering messages and information. These messengers are secreted by the endocrine system. The function of each gland, from the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal gland, as well as the function of female or male reproductive organs, are mediated by hormone delivery and information. Most people think that their hormones are located in their pelvis but these master endocrine glands are actually located in the head.”

Your entire body is dependent on proper hormone function and we would die within minutes without hormones. Hormones work together in a concert. When one is “off” this will affect all the rest. Balancing is key and with hormones, less is more.  Balancing the hormonal system is only one very important key to greater vitality and health.

Caroline says that from her medical intuitive perspective, she has found that when a particular decision is made in life, that it must be fully embodied and accepted by the person on all levels or physical symptoms will likely manifest. This is due to the misalignment of the rational mind and the knowing heart.

For example, if the decision is made to stay in an unhappy relationship, a dissatisfying job, or to adopt certain lifestyle choice, sexual preference, etc., no matter what the head is saying, the heart and every cell in the body “knows” that it must be in agreement or it is living a lie.

Emotions and decisions that are operating at cross-purposes within can play a huge role in illness and chronic symptoms.  Do all that you can to examine the depth of emotion that you carry and use this as a tool to strengthen yourself on all levels.

In Caroline’s new book “The Body Knows How to Stay Young” she explores the many facets of staying young and healthy.  Her website is loaded with video’s, articles and a products store.  If you would like more information on Caroline’s upcoming appearances and how you can benefit from one of her readings, please click here for more information.

Mary J. LoreI had the great pleasure of being introduced to Mary Lore through a good friend of mine here in San Diego.  My friend, Pam Stambaugh, is a friend of Mary’s and has helped to promote several of Mary’s workshops in our area. I am so glad that Pam took the time to connect Mary and I.  I am now a great fan of Mary’s work primarily because of it simplicity and ease of understanding.

Mary has taken some of the most challenging concepts around “thought” and distilled the content into usable and digestible language and exercise.   Her new book entitled, “Managing Thought-Think Differently, Think Powerfully, Achieve New Levels of Success,” has received the Nautilus Book Award.

As Mary explains, everything you do begins with a thought. From making small day-to-day decisions to changing company-wide strategies, to plotting a lifelong career path–the way you think determines the way you live.    Mary’s new book provides a step-by-step process to turn habitual, counterproductive thinking into creative thinking and inspired action.  Managing Thought begins by showing you that your brain is not a computer, and that your mind does not have to operate on autopilot.  Mary shows you that you can have power over your thoughts once you recognize the messages you send yourself, and reshape those thoughts to get positive results.

Managing Thoughts teaches you to overcome limiting beliefs you may have developed whether though personal experience, in your family, in your work culture, or even in your society, that blocks your vision of reality and can prevent you from growing and transforming. If you have ever operated from a place of fear, lack of control, or pure reaction–the reptilian, primitive part of the brain that responds without thinking-you can change.

I encourage you to listen to this wonderful podcast with a very knowledgeable author about the power of thought.  Her website is loaded with valuable resources as well as a wonderful self-assessment that I encourage everyone to take.  If you would like access her website just click here and enjoy the resources available.

Michael "Mike D" DolpiesMike Dolpies the author of “Motion Before Motivation“, says that there are thee kinds of people in the world–those who make things happen, those who watch what happens, and those who stand around and wonder ” What happened?”.  He says that you are in control of what happens to you.  Even if you trust in a higher power to guide you, you know that the higher power will help those who decide to help themselves.

Mike’s book, “Motion Before Motivation“,  references newtons first “Law of Inertia”.  The important point that Mike is making by citing this law is that it is more important for us to take action, and that this is so important to manifesting what you want in life.

We can think all we want about attaining particular goals, but the most important step is the action.  You need to be sure that the actions you are taking are in the direction of clearly defined goals.  If not, “Natural Tendency” will work against you.   In human terms, “Natural Tendency” is the force of habit.  If someone is in the habit of constantly remaining in motion toward their goals, they will continue in that direction and get closer to them every day.   If someone is in the habit of putting things off or waiting for the inspiration or motivation to compel them to get moving then nothing will happen and they will remain “at rest”.

Mike refers to what he calls “pro-active motion”.  Pro-active motion is the motion you take based on solid principles, information and passion.  Pro-active motion will enable you to think two, three or even four moves ahead. Pro-active motion will help you remain calm, control your stress levels and easily deal with the curve balls and setbacks of daily life.

There is a three (3) step success formula outlined in Motion Before Motivation.  1) Motion creates belief in Yourself 2) Belief in Yourself Creates Positive Emotions 3) Positive Emotions Give You the Desire to Fuel the Motivation You Need to Keep Going.

I believe that these steps to success are great advice, and if you want to learn more about Mike and his book Motion Before Motivation you can visit his website by clicking here.

Michael NeillI recently had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Neill the author of a new book entitled, ” SUPERCOACH: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life.”

Michael says change the way you think and you will change the way you experience life.  For more than 20 years Michael has been helping clients fulfill their dreams–whether they want to make more money, build their businesses, improve their relationships or find greater contentment in their day-to-day lives.

Each secret, which is illustrated with case studies and anecdotes, is designed to be a catalyst–something that will spark the reader’s insights about how he or she thinks, lives, and works.  Supercoach also includes specific actions that people can take to actually experience change and incorporate it into their lives.

Michael and I speak about transformation from the inside out.  He states, “when you learn to live your life from the inside out, stress disappears and worry becomes almost non-existent.  You realize that you were born happy and the worst thing that can ever happen to you is a thought–a thought about whatever you think is the worst thing that could ever happen to you”.

Many of Michael’s coaching secrets are counter-intuitive.  Take goal setting for instance.  He explains, “Obsessing about goals is like playing a game of fetch with yourself, using your happiness and self-worth as the bone.  Even when you do reach your goals, you only allow yourself a fleeting moment of satisfaction before throwing your happiness even further away into the future than before.”

If you want to learn more about the 10 Secrets that can transform your life, I recommend that you visit Michael’s website.  He has lots of useful information and videos providing you with these transformative secrets.  To access Michael’s website please click here.

Kaushal ArasI had the wonderful pleasure of  meeting author Kaushal Aras while attending the recent Hay House “I Can Do It” Conference in San Diego.  I am particularity passionate about Kaushal’s new book and e-book, because Kaushal wants to help bring about world peace.

We know this is a lofty aspiration but I love the approach that Kaushal has articulated in his new book entitled, “The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love-A Blueprint for World Peace“.  Kaushal states that the objective of this book, world peace, is indeed a bold initiative.  But he strongly believes that when ordinary people do extraordinary things, anything is possible.

His goal is to demonstrate how conscious living can inspire love and tolerance.  It is through our practical choice of love and tolerance that we contribute our unique gifts to the world.  The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love are the practical expression of the divinity within each of us.  When we become fully self-realized, connected with our divine, authentic self, Extraordinary Love is the natural expression. The natural state of such an authentic, self-realized being is pure bliss.

As Kaushal states, there are barriers to love, and asks the question “what gets in the way of unleashing our natural state of love?”   He believes that the ego prevents us from surrendering fully to the path of love. Ego or identity is a structure within our psyche. Ego is a poor reflection of our true self because it’s prime objective is to assess, judge, and form opinions.  We convince ourselves that the ego is an essential part of us, that the ego allows us to operate as intelligent beings.  The ego holds that we are superior over others so we can deal with the external world.

If you want to learn more about “The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love” then I would recommend that you visit Kaushal’s website.  It is loaded with more information, and you can download his book for free.  To access his website just click here.