Arlene BlixI recently attended a Healthy People Conference at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, CA and was introduced to Arlene Blix by a very good friend of mine Dr. Steven Bizal.  I soon realized that Arlene had published a book about her journey through grief, loss and survival as a result of her husbands struggle and ultimate death from liver cancer.

The book is aptly titled “Blindsided” which is what many people who go through an experience like Arlene’s feel like, at least that was the case for Arlene.  Her husband was the image of perfect health, and suddenly started having leg pain then intestinal issues before being diagnosed with liver cancer.

This book is as much about Arlene’s journey with her husband Glen, but it also brings to light the feelings emotions and the roller coster ride that the loved ones take when cancer strikes so close to home.

I know that many of you know my personal family experience, my eldest son at the age of 21 was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I took Arlene’s journey, and am well aware of the grief, and emotional pain that one experiences when a loved one is battling cancer.

Frequently,  I think that the people who are diagnosed are more prepared than the families and spouses.  At least this was the case with Glen.  As a matter of fact he stated to Arlene that he was prepared to die, and that he had a good life.  He was spiritual and had a wonderful relationship with God–death was an opportunity to reunite with God.  A relationship likes Glen  is so important in facing our impermanence, it makes the journey through death so much easier.

What I loved about Glen’s message in the book “Blindsided” is that he challenged all that knew him to serve humanity, and to maintain connections and model love.  What a wonderful way to leave your legacy.  Eight three people came to Glen’s and Arlene’s home for what was referred to as a “living funeral”.  An opportunity to say good by, acknowledge and honor someone you love before their death.  What a beautiful way to help someone move into the hereafter.

On March 19, 2002 at 9:50PM Glen took his last breath and moved into the heavens. Arlene’s book is a tribute to a man who really knew the meaning of life.  I encourage you to love, live and connect with others this is such an important part of being able to move through the grieving process.


If you want more information about Arlene and her work as a grief counselor, please click here to be directed to her website. I hope you enjoy this interview with Arlene Blix the author of “Blindsided“.

Walter GreenHow many of you have really thought about the importance that being grateful plays in your life?  I recently interviewed Walter Green the author of a new book entitled ” This Is The Moment-How One Man’s Yearlong Journey Captured the Power of Extraordinary Gratitude“, and was throughly impressed at the lengths Walter took to express his gratitude to 44 of the most influential people in his life.

In my interview with Walter we discussed the impact this experience had on his life.  He wanted to tell these men and women how much they mattered to him before anyone’s health or life was compromised and the opportunity was missed.  Walter mentions that you might think of his life as as rags to riches story, but that it is anything but that.  He realized that significant contributions to his learning and success these  44 individuals played .

As Joseph Campbell articulates in his book “The Hero’s Journey” we go on the departure, then have the initiation and ultimately the return.  I think in the case  Walter departed  on his own spiritual journey and through the beauty of gratitude  was able to experience the freedom  upon his return as a result of his profound gratitude.

Walter experienced mastery which leads to the freedom from the fear of death.  You see, Walters father died he was a very young age, and his death made a significant impact on the journey that he embarked upon to recognize and express his gratitude to the people that had a deep heartfelt role in the molding of his life.

As Walter states in ” This Is The Moment“, ” Their pieces of input allowed me a unique opportunity to answer the question; ” Who am I?”  What an empowering gift! . I never set out with an agenda of learning about myself; doing so was parenthetical and incidental, but not inconsequential.  Not only that it started me thinking about my personal legacy.  We all have a perception of ourselves, and everything we do is consistant with that vision—our integrity, our energy, or performance, our giving to others.  This leads us to keep an internal scorecard and wonder how we’re doing. Am I doing the right things? Am I doing enough?

But the scorecard get buried with us.  When we’re gone, only the perceptions other have of us live on.”   If you have at ever thought about expressing your gratitude to someone one you love or who has made an impact on your life, what is stopping you?  Go do it!

Walter’s experience and the stories he tells in “This Is The Moment” will certainly move you to want to express your gratitude.  I encourage you to read this book and  also share your stories of gratitude with Walter by visiting his website by clicking here.  You will also want to watch a video by clicking here about the book.

Walter will be speaking at an upcoming event in San Diego for Renaissance Executive Forums you can register for the March 20th event by clicking here.


Enjoy this great interview with author Walter Green.

Shyalpa Tenzin RinpocheWhat an amazing interview with Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche about his new book entitled “Living Fully“.  The essence of the Rinpoche’s book is the importance of each breath and the life force and joy in each breath.

Now I am aware that at the pace we move in the Western world, understanding the importance of our breath is so essential; but really how many of us pay attention to our breath or are aware of the gift of each breath.  When you distill the message of this book into these terms and the simplicity of what we all take for granted you begin to see the beauty and transformational power within the message of “Living Fully”.

As Rinpoche state in “Living Fully” “Whether we realize it or not, our deepest aspiration is to experience the richness and fullness of our being in every moment. Each of us has the capacity to live fully, but how do we recognize our potential? ”  In my interview with Rinpoche we discuss the many desires and attachment we have to the physical world and how these desires and attachments really are not bringing us happiness and joy and distract us from “Living Fully“.

Happiness and joy are fulfilled when we look deep inside and content with who we are regardless of all of our worldly possessions.  As Rinpoche mentions in “Living Fully” instant pleasure is not the true way to enjoy our freedom.  When we know how to surrender, we can truly appreciate our freedom. This ability to surrender comes from a disciplined approach to life.  Surrender is not submitting to a higher authority, like an army recruit saluting a drill sergeant.  Rather, we surrender when we give up trying to satisfy all of our hopes and expectations.

If we abandon our efforts to fabricate a “perfect” world, we all experience genuine freedom that is not corrupted by endless craving or something better.  Understanding the philosophy and practice of the Buddhist way is quite simple.  Finding our essence of our precious human nature is learning how to live in the moment, enjoying each and every breath and the joy that it brings.

While this might sound like utopia, because we are all aware the plethora of distractions our material world brings, it  would certainly be nice to not just capture these moments but to become one with them permanently without programming our brains to remember how to remember what it feels like.

So if you are so inclined and want to learn from a master then I would recommend that you read and emerse yourself in the teaching of Rinpoche.  His new book is delightful, and something all of us in the Western world need to become more aware of how important the aspect of something as automatic as our breath teaches us about the joys of life.


If you would like to learn more about the book click here to be directed to the Rinpoche’s website or listen to a YouTube interview with the publisher Marc Allen at New World Library by clicking. here. Enjoy this great and inspirational interview with a wonderfully compassionate man.

Allan LokosIn a recent interview with author Allan Lokos we discussed his new book entitled ” Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living“.

Allan’s book was born one summer evening when a dear friend made a comment “Just about every mistake I have every made and every unkind word I have ever spoken might have been avoided if I had been more patient.”  Allan thought that this was a stunning statement revealing remarkable insight, and it was the birth of this book.

The development of genuine, open-minded patience may very well lead one to also examine one’s experience of anger and its root causes.  Although impatience and anger are not the same, they live in the same neighborhood states Allan.  In fact, it is as if they live in the same house with barely a flimsy curtain between them, anger ready to join in when impatience shows the slightest interest in emerging from its thin-shelled cocoon.  Not coincidentally, the journey that develops patience is traveled along a path similar to that which undermines the deceiving appeal of anger and what at times can appear to be anger’s uncontrollable nature.

The development of patience requires an understanding of the  root causes of our stress, anxiety, and frustration.  Then we must be willing to relinquish the type of thinking that leads to the loss of patience.  Although anger and patience are not opposites, they can be thought of as two side of the same coin.  When one side is visible the other is hard to see.  When one side is active the other is unlikely to emerge.

Allan is a teacher of Buddhist practices and his approach is not to get attached to the emotions that anger and frustration stur up within one.  To become more mindful from moment to moment which includes being nonjudgmental.  Because of anger’s enormous potential for danger, it would be an exaggeration to say we call on patience to come to the rescue, to save the day, perhaps even to save a life.  The courageous act of starting to address one’s anger and develop greater patience is, to me , a sacred act.  The simple act of pausing invites the mind and body to stop, to allow fiery thoughts to cool and subside before giving them expression.


If you want to cultivate more patience and reduce the dangers of anger and frustration, then you ought to read and take in the very important message of “Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living“.  This is a book worth the read, and especially in the complex world we are living in today that frequently tests our patience.

If you would like more information about Allan Lokos and his new book please click here to be directed to his YouTube video.

Jonathan EllerbyI not only had the pleasure of recently interviewing Dr. Jonathan Ellerby about this exceptional enhanced book for Apple iPad, but Wiseologie Media Group that I am a partner in had the honor of helping create and publish “God Works, Why God Is Nothing You’d Expect and Everything You Need.”

In my interview with Jonathan we speak about this unique book and what Jonathan refers to as the God Stigma.  Just what is the God Stigma–simply stated it is our willingness to admit that we believe in a higher power, and we trust in that higher power but when it comes to expressing our feelings with others about our beliefs in “God” there is a real stigma in society.

This new book not only addresses this conundrum that we are all faced with, but it explores our inner beliefs, values and how we might shift these patterns and beliefs in a way to support our spirituality.

Jonathan expresses that one of the underlying factors associated with the “God Stigma” is our fear of expression and that it is important that we disgard that fear to take on a God-consciousness or God-understanding.  God is not an idea to be debated, but a feeling, and experience to be cultivated.  To debate about the nature of God for too long implies a lack of true awareness, because God, like love, is something so real to those who have felt it, and yet impossible to explain or analyze to those who have not yet fully been struck.

So, if we are responsible about it, then the key to a helpful conversation in which God is referenced, is to first know that God is best felt, not explained, and then, out of respect, to ask, “What is God to you?’

If you are truly interested in exploring “God” from a spiritual context and don’t want to get ensconced in the idea of  separation, that frequently takes place when we open up to others about our beliefs in “God” then I recommend that you download a copy of  “God Works” for your Apple iPad.

In this new enhanced book author Jonathan Ellerby explores the true nature of “God”.  The real heart of all energy, matter and awareness, and to talk to God as a divine friend who is in charge of all things and also happens to be infinitely wise and powerful.


For more information about “God Works” please click here to be directed to the Apple Store to purchase your copy.  Our you can watch a couple of video’s with Jonathan Ellerby that are also part of the book by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview, and that you will experience a very immersive and engaging enhanced book especially created for  the  Apple IPad.   Jonathan speaks from his heart about how “God Works” and you can watch a video introduction by clicking here.

Guy FinleyIf you have been looking for a book that will stimulate your soul, then you have come to the right place.  Author Guy Finley in his new book entitled ” The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred” has truly written a book that will stur your soul and get you thinking about your spirituality.

I personally love book that are designed to get us to think from our heart, and not our head.  ” The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred will truly inspire your heart center.  The book offers the reader a collection of universal spiritual quotations that the author has collected over the last thirty-five years.  They are divided into three distinct categories, within which they are presented chronologically–from the earliest to the most recent.

Guy starts the book off with a great quote from Walt Whitman’s classic work “Leaves of Grass”. And I quote ” Would you sound below the restless ocean of the entire world? Would you know the dissatisfaction? the urge and spur to every life; the something never still’d–never entirely gone? the invisible need to every seed? It is the central urge in every atom to return to its diving source of origin, however distant.

As Guy writes ” In the first of these four lines, we’re asked a vital question: is the a part of us that longs to know–that’s willing to seek out–what lies hidden just beneath the thought–tossed surface of ourselves? If our answer is “Yes”, then Mr. Whitman goes on to suggest what awaits us there in that great, undiscovered country of our innermost Self.

In my interview with Guy we explore the wisdom of the Mystic Masters and the timeless ideas and what they help us reveal to ourselves.   These timeless ideas are designed to ignite and allows us to remember our “seeds of fire”–discrimination, intention and illumination.


Please join with me in a wonderful interview with an amazing author and man with ageless wisdom.  Guy will share with us timeless insights, thoughts that will stur our soul and settle our hearts.

This book is part of a much larger vision and quest for author Guy Finley called One Journey.  It is Guy Finley’s vision to allow his readers to share their insights, vision and wisdom at a new his new community based website One  You can be connected by clicking here.

encourage your to visit the website and watch the great video–it will truly inspire your soul.

Scott DinsmoreI was recently introduced to author Scott Dinsmore’s work through Leo Babauta who is the founder of “Zen Habits“.  I spoke with Scott and his enthusiasm for the work in the personal mastery and human potential movement and it is amazing.  He has an ebook entitled “Live Off Your Passion–A Guide to Finding Passion and Getting Paid to do What You Love

In my interview with Scott we discuss this guide book that he has developed, and his passion for helping other finding meaningful vocations and to living  fuller and more engaged lifestyles.  Scott has distilled some of the greatest teaching of all time into a very easy to use guidebook that if followed will help one explore their values, vision, mission and align with their greater calling.

Scott likes to refer to life as an experiment, and try things until we find what really excites us.  It is not important if it is a lot of little experiments or one big experiment, but the key here is to experiment try new things, explore and enliven yourself in the wonderment of what is available to you.  Take risks and go for it!!!

Scott encourages his followers to try new things and realize that nothing is impossible.  In his guidebook he encourages his students to attempt to do physical things that they maybe never thought possible.  He says that you will be surprised with what you really can do.   It all starts with the first step, and Scott’s guidebook ” Live Off Of Your Passion” is a wonderful resource and starting place.

Our author Scott Dinsmore truly believes at his core in what his is doing.  He believes that if we can get enough people doing what they love that our world would have an amazing transformative shift.  People would be happier, more productive, innovative and compassionate.  I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a great opportunity for all of us…and all from having people do what they love and believing in what they do.

If you would like more information about “Live Off Your Passion” please click here to be directed to Scott’s website.


Also Scott is offeringan opportunity to obtain a 24% discount or $30 off the regular price.  To obtain your discount just  enter the discount code personalgrowth when you check out.   Please check out Scott’s work, I know you will glad you did.

Jack CanfieldI recently interviewed Jack Canfield about his new book that he co-authored with William Gladstone entitled ” The Golden Motorcycle Gang“.  While part of this book is about Jack’s facilitating personal story, the main point of the book is asking the reader to awaken to their ” souls transformation”.  By embracing  2012 as a year of enlightenment, and to join in with Jack and the rest of a very impressive “gang” of people on this enlightening journey.

The ‘gangs” intention is to have fun, but to also make a significant contribution to the well-being of humanity.  The mystery and adventure inherent in this book reveals that there is now an opportunity for choosing the actual course of our evolution.  Along the way we are ment to experience the joy that comes from recognizing who we really are.

As the authors state ” the world is facing multiple crises.  We are calling upon you our readers, to become Agents for Conscious Evolution.  What that means in terms of expression will be different for each and every one of you.  What you need to know is that each of you is essential to ensure that life on this planet evolves in a positive direction.  We invite you to focus on what is going well in your immediate world and to overcome the fear and inertia that grips all of us from time to time.

If you want to learn more about how to become part of the “Golden Motorcycle Gang” movement and to explore the concept of Conscious Evolution I encourage you to click here to be directed to the Golden Motorcycle Gang website.  I have also listed several other websites that will enlighten you about becoming part of this movement.–Barbara Marx HubbardShift MovementBirth 2012.


I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Jack Canfield the author of the “Golden Motorcycle Gang“.  You can click here to be directed to an overview video at YouTube.

BJ GallagherAre you ready for a dose of positive energy?  If so, you have come to the right podcast with author BJ Gallagher.  In my recent interview with BJ we discuss her new book entitled “If Go Is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats–Miracles Happen When you Let Go“.

I love BJ’s books they are always filled with great stories, and lessons about living and life.  In this book BJ writes about being “faithful” and each one of the letters in the word “faithful” is an acronym for what she is writing about.

I really can appreciate the quote in her book from Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ” Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”  We discuss the differences between belief and trust and she has a wonderful story that truly gets at the heart of the differences between belief and trust.

A man  rides his bike on a high wire across Niagara Falls.  He does it the first time by himself then he asks for volunteers to ride on the handle bars of the bike.  A little girl speaks up and says that she will do it, much to the chagrin of the on lookers.  She hops on the bike and the man takes the little girl across Niagara Falls and back again.  When they return an older woman asks the little girl “Weren’t you afraid?”  The little girls answer ” No, I wasn’t afraid.”  ” You see, I don’t just believe in him–I trust him. He’s my daddy.”


This little story is a great example of the true difference between belief and trust.  BJ’s book is loaded with great stories, poems and is truly an inspirational book.  If you would like more information about BJ Gallagher and her books please visit her website by clicking here.

Enjoy my interview with BJ Gallagher author of ” If God is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats”.