Podcast 799: Yes is More-Tangible and Timeless Ways to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors with Howard Brown

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they think they can solve a problem with the product or service while making profits providing the product or service they have developed or distribute.  The bigger question that one might ask is how to attract loyal customers and sustain customers’ loyalty for a lifetime.

In my interview with author and entrepreneur Howard L. Brown about his new book “Yes, is More-Tangible and Timeless Ways to Differentiate Yourself from your Competitors” he explains how his approach to doing business is different from most and is successful because he learned the secret to differentiation in the office supply business.

What will make customers decide to give their business and their money to you—even when your products may be virtually the same as others in your industry?

​Saying YES instead of no—and being ready to show the customer you’ll go the extra mile—is Howard’s secret. Howard built and sold three thriving office supply companies, going up against the big-time competition and winning every time.

In Yes Is More, Howard shows you how to create a unique added value—that something special for your customers—that will make your business stand out from all the rest, no matter what you’re selling!

In the end, and in good times and bad, loyalty to your employees, your manufacturers, and your customers—along with that unique something special—will always lead your company to a place at the top. In a friendly, matter-of-fact style, Howard shares and elaborates on classic and actionable personal wisdom that is never off-trend when you’re in the pursuit of outstanding profits and impressive success.

You can never have enough good people.
• When you find good people, take care of them so they will stay.
• Whatever you put into relationships will benefit you in the end.
• Lead by example.
• Know every aspect of your business and make sure you can do everyone’s job.
• Don’t ask people to do anything you are not prepared to do yourself.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs of all stripes will come away with valuable tips from this podcast, and they’ll thank Howard for the time he put into this very individual book about saying yes and making it big. This is time-honored, tried-and-true advice that never fails.

I hope you enjoy this engaging and informative podcast with author and entrepreneur Howard L. Brown the author of “Yes, is More” You can learn more about the book by clicking here to be directed to the book website.

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One comment on “Podcast 799: Yes is More-Tangible and Timeless Ways to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors with Howard Brown

  1. Bonnie Lautenberg Jul 6, 2020

    Congratulations Howard! So excited for your book publication and look forward to reading how your business acumen and clever thinking grew three great business’s!

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