Podcast 836: The Fiscal Therapy Solution 1.0 – Six Steps to Personal and Business Financial Health with Marc Bernstein

As we all enter this New Year, we have probably set some goals and have aspirations to do things differently.  Usually, those goals have to do with health, fitness, and finances.  My guest for this podcast is Marc Bernstein the author of a new book entitled “The Fiscal Therapy Solution-Six Steps to Personal and Business Financial Health”

In this podcast with Marc, we discuss how his “Fiscal Therapy Solution” differs from the industry protocols and what he refers to as the brokerage model, and why evaluating your finances by using his process is a holistic approach.

As Marc states ” the fiscal therapy approach, on the other hand, takes a very different track. We start with goals and dreams and, over the course of the process, turn those goals into actionable plans. The advisor then takes the time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to consider how obstacles can be overcome.  Ultimately, the advisor and client together craft a plan to attempt to turn the client’s dreams into reality.”

The fiscal therapy approach starts with the foundation of the model being protection, then moves to savings/debt, then growth and income, and ultimately the legacy you want to leave to your heirs or charity.  If you want to rethink your strategy regarding your approach to saving/spending and growing your portfolio then I would highly recommend getting Marc’s easy-to-read book ” The Fiscal Therapy Solution-Six Steps to Personal and Business Financial Health”. 

I hope you enjoy this informative and engaging interview with author and financial advisor Marc Bernstein.  You can visit his website to learn more about his book and other resources available by clicking here.

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