Podcast 834: Say What You Mean in a Nice Way: Working Together Better in High-Tech Times with Sarita Maybin

Our work world is filled with technological devices to help make us more productive and efficient.  The questions we might want to be asking ourselves is all the technology helping us to improve our relationships with our clients, associates, and family.

My guest on this podcast episode is Sarita Maybin the author of a new book entitled ” Say What You Mean In a Nice Way-Working Together Better in High-Tech Times“.  Sarita is also the author of another book entitled ” “If You Can’t Say Something Nice, What DO You Say?”  Sarita has worked inside businesses for years helping employees, managers, and top executives become more skilled at their communications tactics.  She is a well known public speaker on the topics of communications and you can learn more about her by clicking here to access her website. 

In my interview with Sarita, we discuss the issues that most of us are faced with– and that is the use of technology to communicate effectively.  Almost all of us are using Zoom or some other platform to do our video conference call.  We constantly utilize texts, emails, and voice when using our cell phones and when communicating important messages to customers and associates. What are some of the mistakes that are commonly made that can easily be modified? 

  • When we communicate across generations, especially via text we need to be cognizant that on the receiving end (baby boomer) they might not understand the shorthand messages or abbreviations.
  • Don’t send Bad Emails with Inflammatory Negative Words that are accusatory.
  • Is Confrontation Worthy? (Ask these three questions)
    • Is the situation having a negative effect?
    • Is the situation beginning to affect your attitude?
    • What are the consequences of not confronting?

Our interview is filled with sound advice for communicating more effectively, and Sarita’s book “Say What You Mean In a Nice Way” is a must-read for anyone wanting to improve their communications skills to reduce and eliminate conflict and disagreements in their lives.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this podcast.

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