Podcast 827: Productivity is For Robots: How To (re)Connect, Get Creative, and Stay Human in the New World with Corey McComb

It is not new to anyone reading this blog entry that our lives are moving at what appears to be greater amounts of speed and complexity.  While all the devices we carry around with us have built-in texting, and instant access to the Internet anywhere, anytime this connectivity propels or desires to keep up with the speed of all the stuff we are supposed to be doing– it also had an effect and usually negatively on our creativity and critical thinking skills.

In my interview with author Corey Mc Comb, we discuss his new book entitled “Productivity is for Robots-How to (re) connect, Get Creative and Stay Human In The New World.”  The psychological and emotional effects of trying to maintain can lead to us not feeling enough, that we have to do more to keep up and this leads to burnout.  This is what happened to Corey and his personal story about how to shift your perspective about what is important in life is a wonderful insight into how we can all learn to connect, get creative and stay human in this new world.

“Speed, efficiency, and optimization-these are not just the traits we expect from our devices. These are qualities that we expect from ourselves”  This is not a rally against productivity. It is a plea to clear the static from our line, answer the call, and do things worth doing, state Corey.

I encourage the readers to connect with the bigger picture of what it means to be human. Humans are not robots, and our minds are reprogrammable. So here is the good news about the bad stories we tell ourselves: there is still time to spin the facts.

If you feel caught in this endless cycle of doing more and it’s not making you feel like you are not enough,  then please read and re-read “Productivity is for Robots

If you want to learn more about Corey please visit his website by clicking here.  You can also order his book on Amazon by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoy this engaging and thought-provoking interview with author Corey McComb.

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