Podcast 826: Adventure Scientists with Gregg Treinish

I think that having fun and doing good while helping our environment is a perfect recipe for happiness.  We have all heard of the eco-travel, well getting involved with Adventure Scientists is like eco-travel on steroids.

I recently had the opportunity of interviewing Gregg Treinish the executive director of Adventure Scientists this Montana-based non-profit.  In our interview with discussing how his organization has successfully teamed up the nations leading scientists to help collect data to help prove issues associated with our environment and human health— all while eliciting the aid of volunteers who want to work in the field collecting the data for the scientists.

The projects that Adventure Scientists have been part of include everything from tracking timber poachers in Oregon and Brazil to a joint project with the University of Arizona scientists to track the butterfly population who are biodiversity pollinators.  The variety of projects that Adventure Scientists have completed and are working on with scientists are diverse and exciting and open up an opportunity for volunteers to be matched up with these great projects.

If you are interested in learning more I encourage you to listen to this podcast with the executive director of Adventure Scientists Gregg Treinish and to check out their website if you think you might want to volunteer time or donate money to these important environmental and human health projects.   To access the Adventure Scientists website please click here. 

Thanks for listening and enjoy this podcast that will open up your eyes to the challenges we are facing as a species on this big blue ball called planet earth.

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