Podcast 812: Secrets of Success Without Stress with Guy Finley

It is always a mind-bending experience having our guest Guy Finley on the show.  Guy and I have a lively interview about Guy’s new e-course entitled “Secrets of Success without Stress“.

The pandemic certainly has had a tremendous amount of impact on people’s lives throughout the world.  It has caused so many people undue stress as a result of our minds producing anxiety, worry, and fear.  Living in these uncertain times has an impact on our psyche, our physical health, and our emotions.

Most of us in one way or another are dealing with stress and in this interview with author and founder of the Life of Learning Foundation, Guy Finley he advises us on how to change our thinking to better cope and understand how we create our own stress.

In 11 short sessions, you will be guided through a series of discoveries designed to help you realize a drastic reduction in your daily stress. This new self-knowledge will help you understand the secret why behind painful stress, and how you can rise above its dark and debilitating influences once and for all.

Guy Finley tells us we’re never a victim of what life brings to us. We’re a victim of a misunderstanding. We have failed to see our own complicity in taking events and turning them into huge problems.
Now, that’s not to say that situations aren’t difficult, or that other people can’t be rude and uncaring. But when we understand the reasons for our own reactions to these conditions, we’re in a position to stop the blow-up before it happens.
As Guy has said, “Stress is an unseen killer that crushes its victims with the pressure of their own thoughts.” When we understand where those thoughts come from and what they really mean, that pressure is released.
And now, with Guy’s eCourse, Secrets of Success Without Stress, you have access to the information you can use to change your relationship with every event and person you meet, leading to a stress-free life. This course also includes a 27-page PDF of the transcript of the talks about the Secrets of Success Without Stress. 
Join me and Guy Finley as we explore the “Secret of Success Without Stress”.  I hope you enjoy this engaging and mind-bending interview as Guy who really gets you to think about how stress manifests in your life.


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