Podcast 678: The Bellwether Effect with Lance Secretan

I recently had the honor of interviewing my good friend and author Dr. Lance Secretan from the Secretan Center in Canada.  Lance is a wonderful thought leader, author and speaker in the areas of leadership and cultural transformation.

His new book book entitled ” The Bellwether Effect-Stop Following and Start Inspiring” is a must read for all leaders and middle management employees of organizations.  In my interview with Lance we discuss the eight counterproductive business processes and their antidotes.

The first thing we discuss is the fact that most business leaders adopt business practices which are outdated before they even begin.  Lance states that this leads to “dissonance between the truth and what people want to believe, an inconsistency between the beliefs.  This is counterproductive according to Lance and as a matter of fact “when 10% of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society”–this is the Bellwether Effect.

Fear is the ruling practice in modern organizations. Employees are afraid of their managers, of losing their jobs, being lost in bureaucracy, being replaced by robots, getting poor performance ratings.   Our goal in corporations as well as the rest of our lives–is to meet the second most important human need–to be inspired and to inspire others–and this second need is most easily achieved by meeting the first.

If you want to learn how to adopt new practices that will shift your organization’s culture from fear to inspiration then I would recommend that you listen carefully to my interview with Dr. Lance Secretan.

You can learn more about the “The Bellwether Effect”  by clicking here.  Enjoy this podcast with Dr. Lance Secretan.

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