Podcast 679: How to Find Success Through Personal Purpose with Simon Mainwaring

I have had the honor of knowing thought leader and author Simon Mainwaring for over 15 years.  His first book entitled “We First-How Brands & Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World” is a New York Times Best selling book.

As Simon has journeyed through life, his business and personal lessons have shaped his passion for helping people explore and discover their business purpose as well as their personal purpose.

In my recent interview with Simon what I learn that drives him in his intense desire to help people find out what they have come to this earth to accomplish, do and achieve.  He wants them to apply their God given talents into making our world a better place to live as a result of them being here.  While this is a lofty goal, Simon is the kind of man with the character, drive and ambition to make it happen.  (Video message) 

His new course is truly an on-line immersive and engaging platform that guides individuals and business owners through a step by step process of exploring values, personal and business history all in an effort to find at our core what we are meant to do and become.  In this compelling interview you will learn what fuels Simon, and you will hear stories of people just like you who have taken the purpose course, and have redefined their lives with more focus, drive and ambition to achieve goals in alignment with their values.

I hope you will listen to every word of this podcast, as Simon takes us on a journey to understand the importance of knowing our personal purpose.

To learn more about signing up for the course please click here, to learn more about Simon and We First please click here.

To watch an introductory video please click here to listen to Simon provide you with an introduction to the course.

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