Podcast 677: “Focuster” Managing Your Focus with Jordan Baker

We all live in this fast paced always “on” world, and it continues to test our ability to manage our focus and our activities to reach and attain our desired results.

I was recently introduced to the founder and developer of an inspiring new cloud based system that help you manage your focus and get done what is most important to you.  The name of the cloud based software is “Focuster” and the founders name is Jordan Baker.

In my interview with Jordan we discuss how he decided to develop “Focuster“, and the intention behind the software.  What Focuster does is automatically reschedule your activities so that you don’t forget about them.  It moves them to available time slots within your calendar or to the next day so that your focus is on what you wanted to accomplish.  It seamlessly integrates with all the calendar systems such as Google Calendars, iCal, Outlook etc.  It is the smartest to-do list you will ever encounter.

If you were to calculate the cost of distractions you would find that at whatever hourly rate you get paid, or are billing yourself out at– that you lose thousands of dollars each year.   I would encourage you to listen to my podcast with Jordan and learn how you can regain your focus and decrease the distraction that are costing you a tremendous amount of money.

I hope your enjoy this interview with Jordan Baker the founder and developer of “Focuster” the cloud based software guaranteed to help you regain your focus and improve your productivity.

Please click here to be directed to the Focuster website. 

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