Podcast 819 – Conscious Leadership: Elevating Humanity Through Business with Carter Phipps

As our world is constantly changing, we as leaders are being asked to step up and not only do more with less but become more conscious and aware of the needs of all the stakeholders in the organizations we lead.

In this interview with Carter Phipps one of the co-authors of a new book entitled “Conscious Leadership-Elevating Humanity Through Business”, and the other two co-authors are John Mackey the CEO of Whole Foods, and Steve McIntosh a partner with Carter in a non-profit called Institute for Cultural Evolution-– we discuss one of the key questions ” How can I become a more effective leader and also be the best version of myself?”  

One of the foundational tenents of Conscious Capitalism is stakeholder integration. This is a shift away from the traditional concept of a corporation,  which increases profits for shareholders is seen as the primary responsibility of the business.  Instead, we think of businesses as serving a wider community of stakeholders, all of whom are connected through mutual interests and benefits.

Our interview together is filled with practical advice about how you can become a conscious leader as well as what needs to occur in your organizations to elevate all facets within our company.  If leaders learn how to focus on purpose, people, the planet then profits and shift the emphasis on profits it has been proven that these companies excel in profits because the focus has shifted and they are embracing all the stakeholders with equal importance. A few examples of companies that have benefited from conscious leadership are Tom’s, Patagonia,  Whole Foods and so many others that have embraced the focus on purpose, people, the planet, and profits.

If you want to read a book that will give you insight into how to shift your personal consciousness along with that of your organization, then “Conscious Leadership” is a must-read.  I encourage you to listen to and take action as a result of this interview with Carter Phipps.

You can download an excerpt from the book by clicking here, enjoy this interview about Carter’s new book “Conscious Leadership-Elevating Humanity Through Business.” 

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