Podcast 816: Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change with Edward Hess

In this podcast, my guest is professor Edward D. Hess the author of a new book entitled “Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change.”  We speak about the issues that we all face in this fast-paced digital world, especially to stay relevant and excel cognitively, behaviorally, and emotionally in all ways that technology can.  Ed believes that it requires us to become what he refers to as hyper-learners defined as “Continuously learning, unlearning, and relearning at the speed of change.

To do this we have to overcome our reflective ways of being: seeking confirmation of what we believe, emotionally defending our beliefs and our ego, and seeking cohesiveness of our mental models.

Hyper-learning requires a new way of being and a radical new way of working. He states that “We can continue to have meaningful work in the digital age only if we can add value by doing the tasks that technology can’t do well.  At least for the near future, those tasks are exploring the unknown and novelty of being creative, imaginative, and innovative: engaging in higher-level critical thinking, making decisions in environments with lots of uncertainty and little data: and connecting with other human beings through high emotional engagement and effective collaboration.

If you want to learn more about Edward Hess’s new book “Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to The Speed of Change” please click the book link.

I hope you enjoy this very informative and engaging interview about how to stay current in our ever-changing work environment.

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