Podcast 814: The Sanity Game – Cut the Crap that Drives Employees Crazy with Chris Moses

We have all heard about executives behaving badly, and not just Ellen Degeneres with the most recent news of her employee complaining about racism and intimidation.   The human resource world is filled with stories like this and this behavior goes on every day in corporate America.

Chris Moses the author of “The Sanity Game-Cut The Crap That Drives Employees Crazy” is a leading authority on human resources and is the founder of HR Sanity.com.

In my interview with Chris about his new book “The Sanity Game,”  we discuss the endless issues that the employees face, and how the management of companies in the crossfire of insane behavior can change for the better.  According to Chris ” Developing a sane environment takes building a personal and emotional relationship with your team. That requires connecting with people you work with, sell to, or otherwise interact with”.

The Sanity Game is divided into three parts that lead to a sane and humane culture-facts, finesse, and fun.  When you lead your organization with facts and deal with what is happening, there’s little emotion attached. Finesse gives you an array of options you can implement in working together with your team. You can make things better while tactfully changing how you work. Then the people you lead start to change. Fun, work can become fun when you’re treated with honesty, people help each other, and backstabbers and gossips are unwelcome.

I encourage you to listen to this engaging and informative interview with author Chris Moses as we speak about his new book “The Sanity Game” that provides practical and to easy implement advice for any organization faced with low morale, or lack of engagement within their workforce.

You can learn more about “The Sanity Game” by visiting “The Sanity Game” book website by clicking here, or you can go to HR Sanity to learn more about how Chris and his team of professionals can help you with your human resources problems.

Also, for the first ten (10) people that reach out to Chris on his website, you will be given a free copy of the book—that is a great offer!   Enjoy this interview with the author and HR consultant Chris Moses.


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