Podcast 808: The Busy Leader’s Handbook – How to Lead People and Places That Thrive with Quint Studer

We currently live in a world which requires much of our mental focus, we are always “on” with tremendous demands on our time and figuring out how to schedule it all in.  This scenario is all too familiar to the individuals who have worked their way up to a management position within an organization and for that matter anybody in a leadership position.

In “The Busy Leader’s Handbook” Quint explores the key leadership skills and behaviors that steller leaders tend to possess while showing what it takes for leaders to optimize employee performance.

What I found to be exceptional about this book is that it really is a “handbook”.  You can pick this book up and use it to reference almost anything you might have a question about.  The chapters are short and to the point with guidance that will help you resolve your problems.  It truly is a reference that any manager or leader should have on their desk,  as well as provide to midline managers to help better manage people and the culture of the organization.

As Quint states ” The Busy Leader’s Handbook” offers time-tested advice for creating the structure, processes, and groundwork needed to build a successful organization.  Some of the topics covered are: Reducing Workplace Drama, How Positive Recognition Changes Everything, Facing Conflict Head-on, and Becoming a Good Communicator just to name a few of the over forty-one (41) topics covered in “The Busy Leader’s Handbook”. 

If you want to learn more about the book and Quint Studer, I encourage you to visit the book website by clicking here.  Quint also writes a weekly column that is a great reference, click here for access. 

We are also providing a no-cost downloadable Tool Kit that accompanies the book with practical advice and exercises to improve your leadership skills, click here to download.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with the author and entrepreneur Quint Studer.

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