Podcast 807: Dancing Through Life: Indulge Your Dreams and Pursue Life’s Possibilities with Allen Brown

My guest author Allen T. Brown is truly a unique and a one of a kind individual.  His new book entitled “Dancing Through Life-Indulge Your Dreams & Pursue Lifes Possibilities” is not only the unique life story about Allen, but he provides the reader with insights about life with his wisdom of over 80 years of being on this planet.  While money was not Allen’s quest in life, he did turn 12$ into $30 million, so learn how he did it.

One of the lessons you will learn is that asking good questions is imperative to becoming a success in life.  As Allen states “The day my life began—really began–was the day I dared to ask myself a seemingly simple question that started like this: Wouldn’t it be great if I…?  The day the proverbial lights turned on for me and put me squarely at center stage in the role of my life was the day I willed my true, authentic self into existence by speaking a few words. ” 

When was the last time you heard music and started to dance, regardless of where you were?  How often do you ignore the impulse to be one with the beat withing you?  We grow up fearing so much, we not only fear what our parents will think of us, but we also end up fearing the people and things that they feared.  The result is that we wake up one day and realize we’ve spent most of our lives afraid–afraid of death, afraid of the unknown, afraid of what others think of us, afraid of life itself.  And we’ve never truly lived life at all.

If you want to learn how to truly live life and remove the fear, then listen to this interview with author and wise sage Allen T. Brown the author of a new book entitled “Dancing Through Life–Indulge Your Dreams & Pursue Life’s Possibilities.”

If you want to learn more about Allen please visit his book website by clicking here. Thanks for listening and enjoy the wisdom and spirit of author Allen T. Brown!

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