Podcast 793: 21 Things You Forgot About Being a Kid with Rick Stevenson

What is one of the most valuable things that we all own?  According to author, filmmaker, philosopher Dr. Rick Stevenson the author of a new book entitled “21 Things You Forgot About Being a Kid” it is our own story.

In my interview with Rick, we discuss the power of story as Rick tells his story which includes having interviewed over 5000 kids for his project “The 5000 Days Project“.  Rick spent years interviewing and kids who then turned into young adults and followed them through the time they spend in school, almost 14 years.  Rick created what he refers to as Personal Story Mentoring and verbal journaling as a means of helping individuals unlock their “Emotional Immune System”

Through the 5000 Days Project and the Story Q Method of inquiry, Rick is on a mission to help create a generation of self-empowered game-changers who realize that the choices they make every moment of every day can help them to become who they want to become.

21 Things Your Forgot About Being a Kid” is filled with great stories from the kids with lessons and takeaways for the readers and points that as adults we should remember and take action on.   Lesson #1 One is the Loneliest Number: at times we feel completely alone, certain that we are the only ones going through this experience.  What We a Do About This as an Adult: Be forthcoming with your own experiences of loneliness and share your own story.  Doing so gives everyone else permission to share theirs and shared stories are the anecdote to loneliness.

21 Things You Forgot About Being a Kid” is a book that will teach you how to reevaluate your challenges and get you thinking about how you can heal your own pain associated with your issues.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Rick Stevenson please go to his website by clicking here.   Some of Rick’s social media pages are also a way to reach out to Rick.  Here are links to those pages. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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