Podcast 794 – Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir with Sally Quinn

Living life and being brought up with a belief in the occult started at a very early age for our guest and author Sally Quinn as we discussed her memoir book entitled “Finding Magic“.

Sally’s spiritual upbringing could certainly “unusual”, by most people’s account–but living with a family who had psychic premonitions, experimented with voodoo, and tarot was the things she was exposed to.

These activities influenced Sally, and from a very young age, she experienced her own psychic premonitions.  She always considered herself as psychic, like when the phone would ring knowing who was calling, and these premonitions have remained with Sally all her life, and these premonitions are the magic she believes in and still exists to this day.

Sally had a father that was a three-star general in the military, and a mother that she adored. She went on to marry Ben Bradlee a famous journalist as the executive editor of the Washington Post.  It is there that she started a website for the Washington Post called “On Faith”, a column about faith, religion, spirituality, and ethics.

It was while writing the column that her husband Ben Bradlee developed dementia and Sally’s life and spiritual beliefs started to shift.  She had considered herself an atheist most of her life, but a trip called “Great Faiths: A Journey to the World’s Sacred Places” would soon transform many of her beliefs about God.

As she writes ” I knew in my heart-both before and after the trip–that love was at the center of her life and that nothing could ever be more important to her and the ones she loved. That was transcendent, that was the divine, and yes, that was the magic.

After Ben’s death in 2014, Sally continued to question.  What did Ben’s death mean to me?  I got religion or some sense of spirituality from the idea of love, self-sacrifice, mystery, and magic. It illuminated for me the story of my life.  I have faith in the power of love. That’s the significance of the stories in this book.

If you want to learn more about Sally Quinn and her memoir “Finding Magic” please click here to be directed to a short video with Sally about her book.

Enjoy this wonderful interview with Sally Quinn about her life, and spiritual journey.


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