Podcast 792: Don’t Take Yes for an Answer: Using Authority, Warmth, and Energy to Get Exceptional Results with Steve Herz

Have you ever wondered why someone else got the position you applied for and you did not?  Or why someone succeeded in getting a promotion while you did not receive a promotion?

My guest author on this podcast is Steve Herz and he has spent his life helping broadcast journalists get positions with companies like CBS, CNN MSNBC, and Fox as a premier talent agent.

Steve has written a new book entitled ” Don’t Take Yes For An Answer” in which he explores the culture of feedback avoidance, where people don’t’ receive the honest critique they need in order to advance in their career.  As a matter of fact, Steve urges readers to stop accepting the likely overblown praise they receive-the “yes”-and escape mediocrity by seeking out an honest assessment of what they need to improve.

To stand out and excel, to get the attention of those who will help you move up, protect you during lean times, or compete for your talent, you need to perfect your AWE-Authority. W-Warmth. E-Energy.  Over the past decades, AWE has become the prism through which he observes, assess, coaches, and grows every single one of his clients.

Please join Steve and I as we explore “Don’t Take Yes for An Answer” and how to use Steve’s advice as a self-empowerment and self-assessment guide to achieving your fullest professional and personal potential.

If you want to learn more about Steve Herz and his new book please click here to be directed to his website.

Thanks for listening.

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