Podcast 791: Wait, I’m the Boss?!? – The Essential Guide for New Managers to Succeed from Day One with Peter Economy

If you have been chosen to be a manager, then someone in your organization has recognized you as having the talent necessary to fulfill the position as manager.  But have you ever felt that you were under-trained and not fully suited for the position?

In my podcast with author Peter Economy about his new book “Wait I’m the Boss-The Essential Guide for New Managers to Succeed from Day One” we explore what you can do about it, and how this common problem of lack of management training is rampant in the business world today.

According to Jack Zanger in an article in the Harvard Business Review, three specific problems arise when new managers aren’t given the training they need to do their jobs.  1) Practicing without training ingrains bad habits. 2) Practice makes perfect only if done correctly and 3) Your young supervisors are practicing on the job whether you’ve trained them or not.

There are four great things that every manager does today they empower, energize communicate, and support their people with the intent of accomplishing the organizational goals and executing on the strategy of the organization.

Peter’s book “Wait I’m the Boss”  is filled with practical advice on becoming a better manager, it covers everything from time management to performance reviews.

Please join Peter Economy as he informs you during this podcast about ways to improve your personal skills in this faced-paced world of business today.   If you want to learn more about Peter please click here to be directed to his website.

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