Podcast 844: Leadership with Character, Confidence and Courage with Gerald Gangaram

I recently had the honor of being introduced to Gerald Gangram through Doug Holladay,  the author of Rethinking Success.  Gerald is a highly decorated officer in the US Army, now retired.  He flew the Apache helicopter and competed hundreds of missions in Afganistan.

In my podcast with Gerald, we discuss his mission, leadership focus, and what it is like being a black officer in the military. He definitely tells great stories and shares a lot of advice on how to become a good servant leader. He believes that leading is not for the intent of raising themselves but the willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of the group.

Gerald has been invited to speak in multiple events to share his inspirational stories that really motivate his audience.  His personal stories and turning points in his life makes his crowd emotional and the impactful takeaways he provides in every speaking engagements are really impressive.

If you want to learn more about Gerald Gangaram and have him as Keynote Speaker in one of your events, please click here to visit his website .  You will also find a lot of video materials on this page to see his previous engagements.

I know you will appreciate the wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration Gerald brings not only to this podcast but to the world.

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