Podcast 843: The Whole Person Podcast with Evan Herrman

We all want to live a life free from fear, anxiety and doubts, but the big question is, how do we do that?

In my recent podcast interview, minister, realtor and podcast host, Evan Herrman and I explore the different aspects of life and how to recover from anxiety and fear through confidence and courage. His stories and real life examples in different situations are very revealing and informative.

What Evan conveys in our interview together is that we are not alone. Evan believes that “often times, isolation breeds contempt for oneself, fear and doubt and encourages people to live in the open.  In his podcast entitled “The Whole Person Podcast,” he aims to help bridge the gap between his guest’s knowledge and wisdom for his listeners who feel that they are not fully alive to start seeing hope and ways of changing their lives so that they can come back to life again.

If you want to learn more about Evan Herrman and hear his thoughts and advice for being your whole person in different areas of life, please click here to join him on his podcast show “The Whole Person Podcast.”

Please join me in my interview with Evan Herrman about life, experiences, hope, faith and more.

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