Podcast 787: Success Discovering the Path to Riches with Don Green

When I mention the word success, what comes to mind for you?  Money, Accomplishment, Possessions? No matter your viewpoint on success, it is defined through your own perspective and experience in life.

We all have lots to learn about the word “success” and what it means, and my guest Don Green can certainly shed some light on what it means to be successful.  Don Green is the executive director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and has been a guest on Inside Personal Growth many times before.

In this interview with Don about the teaching of Napoleon Hill, we learn that success to Napoleon Hill was something much more than monetary success. In this new book entitled “Success-Discovering the Path to Riches,” we learn that success is made up of many factors of the character of an individual, and in my discussion with Don we learn just what those character traits are that make up a successful person.

This compact little book “Success-Discovering the Path to Riches” is something that you might want to consider keeping by your bedside and reading to influence your subconscious.  As is stated “Money is not necessarily evidence of success. It may be, in fact, evidence of failure, and will be, if happiness and goodwill did not accompany it throughout the process through which it was accumulated.”  Napoleon Hill spent a lifetime studying successful people to understand why some are successful and others are not.  His interviews with over 500 of the most successful people of his time helped to answer these questions.

What Hill discovered is the fact that there were weaknesses that inhibit us from being successful and they are: greed, intolerance, jealousy, revenge, and egotism.  The biggest factor that must be defined is a definite chief aim or major purpose, without and aim and (goals) and a purpose you will probably not achieve the personal success you are looking for.

I encourage you to listen to the wise words of Don Green a lifetime student of Napoleon Hill’s teachings and extract the nuggets and truths about success that resonate for you.

If you want to learn more about the book and the Napoleon Hill Foundation please click here to be directed to the website.

Enjoy this engaging interview with author and executive director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Don Green.

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