Podcast 777: The Advice Trap with Michael Bungay Stanier

How many of you have caught yourself giving another person advice, and in the process realized that you really did not take the time to asses the true problem the other person was trying to solve?  I believe this happens all the time, and you can change how you approach your advice-giving.  My guest author Michael Bungay Stainer has written a book entitled “The Advice Trap-Be Humble, Stay Curious & Change the Way You Lead Forever.”   

In my interview with Michael, we discuss the trap we all have fallen into regarding advice in which Michael refers to it as our “Advice Monster”.   Our ego is so wanting to be right, that we will pretend that we are listening and come up with a solution without knowing all of the relevant facts.  As Michael states ” The advice monster believes that you’re better than the other person”.

There are some simple questions that our author provides that can help you with this dilemma, he refers to them as the Seven Essential Questions.

1) The Kickstarter question: What’s on your mind?  2) The AWE Question: “And what else?” 3) The Focus Question: “What’s the real challenge here for you?” 4) The Foundation Question: “What do you want? 5) The Strategy Question: “If you’re saying Yes to this, what must you say no to?”6) The Lazy Question: How can I help? 7) The Learning Question: “What was most useful or valuable here for you?”   If you use these questions when speaking with the person asking for advice you are guaranteed to improve the advice given and become a better listener.

If you are looking for ways to improve your listening skills and become a better leader then I would highly recommend that you listen to this interview and read Michaels’s book “The Advice Trap“.  You can also learn more about the Advice Monster by listening to Michael’s TedX talk by clicking here.  I also encourage you to visit Michael personal website just click here.

He is also the founder of Box of Crayons which is his corporate training website, there you will find more information about his coaching training programs, just click here to be taken to the corporate website.  I hope you enjoy this engaging and informative interview with author Michael Bungay Stainer about his new book “The Advice Trap.”


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