Podcast 778: Well Done – A Story of Applied Spirituality with Kathy Kirk

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with author and spiritual coach Kathy Kirk the founder of the website entitled Applied Spirituality.   Kathy is also the author of two books “Well Done-A Story of Applied Spirituality” and “The Earthlings Quick Start Guide“.

During this engaging podcast interview, we discussed the current times and uncertainty that we are all faced with COVID-19.  I really appreciated the perspective she provides from a spiritual point of view, that these times are for all human beings to grow and expand our spirituality and consciousness.  We have an opportunity to rethink our lives, how we live and what is truly important to us.  Applied Spirituality as she states is a worldview, a cosmology, and becomes a personal practical practice. It naturally includes everyone and everything not just on Earth but the Universe, as well. It doesn’t require that you ‘give up’ what you know or believe, just that you expand yourself to include more. In short, it explains how it works here on Earth within you.

We also had the opportunity to discuss our “souls calling”.  Obviously, these times are allowing us all to stop and reflect.  If we take the time to go deep enough and listen to our souls calling we will most likely hear a message from our inner voice that will provide advice and guidance that will awaken within us new opportunities for us to experience our world and the world around us.  It is certainly easy to get down and be despondent during these trying and uncertain times, but Kathy’s message of hope, inspiration, and compassion is worth listening to.

If you want to learn more about Kathy and her book and coaching practice please click here to be directed to her website.  You can also click here to be directed to Amazon to find her books.  I hope you enjoy this interview with the author and spiritual guide Kathy Kirk.



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