Podcast 775: Workplace Warrior-People Skills for the No-Bullshit Executive with Jordan Goldrich

Most of us have experienced different types of leaders, we ourselves might be a leader.  One thing we know for certain is that the personalities and leadership styles differ greatly, and we like the leader or respect them, and in some cases, we don’t admire them at all for the leadership style.  We do know however those good leaders have a warrior spirit and want to win.

In my interview with Jordan Goldrich the author of “Workplace Warrior” he challenges leaders to become better leaders by measuring themselves against the greatest warriors on the planet: the Navy Seals. the Green Berets, and the rest of the Special Operation Community–because you most likely have something in common.  Like many leaders, these heroes have an uncommon desire to succeed, are committed to taking charge, and are focused on accomplishing the mission.

Some of the advice that Jordan provides in the Workplace Warrior is something he refers to as “The Least You Can Do”.  If you are interested in doing the least you can do to be both authentic and protect yourself in a politically correct, over-protective world, you will find that you need in Workplace Warrior.  If on the other hand, you want to do the least you can do in the sense that it is the right thing to do, you will find resources to authentically take your leadership to a higher level.

I hope you will join Jordan and Greg as they explore how leaders can change for the better, and become more accepted and respected by their peers.  If you want to learn more about the book and download your free excerpt please click here to be directed to the website.

If you want to learn more about Jordan and his consulting business please click here to be directed to his personal website. 

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