Podcast 774: Life’s Great Question-Discover How You Contribute to the World with Tom Rath

Early in life, Tom Rath was given a diagnosis about a rare and incurable disease that created tumors throughout his body, this diagnosis gave Tom an interesting and insightful perspective on life and his contributions to the world have been significant.

Knowing you might die and that you are impermeant can be a gift, for it propels you to get your butt in gear and make a difference. In my interview with Tom about his new book entitled “Life’s Greg Question-Discover How You Contribute to The World” we discuss how you can make a significant contribution to the world.

Tom said something during our interview that has stuck with me.  He said “If you wake up every morning and think about what you can do to help another human being life become better, and they can continue to grow and improve in his absence this became the limpness test”

“Time is more valuable when we can see our mortality on the horizon”, state Rath.   Children that have been given similar diagnosis have what scientists call post-traumatic growth and usually end up in better situations psychologically as a result of their diagnosis and make greater contributions to the world.  I know we all see it in news stories about children with cancer or other diseases making significant contributions to the world.

So, if you are about making a greater contribution to the world, please read Tom’s new book “Life’s Great Questions”.  You can learn more on Tom’s website www.tomrath.org.

Also, take the free quiz that Tom provides at his website https://contribify.com/ where you can take an assessment that determines the contributions you can make, which Tom states are far more effective than following talent or passion alone.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this wonderfully engaging interview about the contributions you can make to the world with author Tom Rath.

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