Podcast 744: NINCOMPOOPERY: Why Your Customers Hate You – and How to Fix It with John Brandt

We have all heard the word “nincompoop” and know what it means, but what is “Nincompoopery!”? In my interview with author John Brandt we discuss his new book “Nincompoopery: Why Your Customers Hate You – And How to Fix It.

John has spent much of his life working in organizations and helping them fix their crazy practices.  In this podcast, we discuss why so many organizations seem to tolerate nincompoops-people who botch their jobs so badly that they destroy customer loyalty and the bottom line. If this is affecting your organization you will want to listen to this interview with author John Brandt.

“Customers expect us to provide quality-outstanding product performance and service delivery–as a minimally acceptable threshold to even be considered in a purchasing process. This means that quality through essential to value, is not longer a differentiating component of value–customers want more.” The good news is that we now have more ways than ever to deliver the “more” in “more value”, which means you now have four Big Innovations Jobs.

First, Leverage delivery and logistics for competitive advantage. Second, Partner with customers by offering business expertise in creative new ways. Third, Incorporate data and information into your value proposition.  All three of these big innovations will help to solve the Nincompoopery within your organization.

To learn more about John’s new book “Nincompoopery” please click here to be directed to John’s website.  I hope you enjoy this very engaging and informative interview with author John Brandt.

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