Podcast 743: The Gratitude Formula-A 7 Step Success System to Create A Life that You Love with May McCarthy

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust.

This is a wonderful quote in the opening of May Mc Carthy’s new book “The Gratitude Formula-A 7 Step Success System to Create A Life that You Love“.  It is something to contemplate and really introspect about… What and who make you happy, and what are you grateful for in your life everyday?

May McCarthy has built her life around her dedication to growing companies and the people in them to be grateful.  She advocates meeting daily with your Chief Spiritual Officer and acknowledge him or her as your ultimate advisor.  Writing a daily gratitude letter, speak your letter outloud, reading something inspirational, imagine your goals being completed.

As May states “Important elements of your morning practice include consistency and gratitude. Set the alarm to wake up in time to hold your meeting every morning with your CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer).  To receive the greatest benefit from any relationship, the partners need to spend time getting to know each other and building a high level of trust.”

May then states that the rest of your day should be to follow two easy steps, 1) Expect leads and follow directions 2) Celebrate and Note Demonstrations. If you are in touch with your intuition throughout the day you will be given leads, messages and directions from your CSO to take some sort of action. Listen carefully, stay in touch and you will be guided.  In celebrating and noting demonstrations, this happens after you get a lead from your CSO and you should celebrate even if your haven’t reached your goal.

If you are interested in connecting with your CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) recommend that you listen to this great interview with author May McCarthy about her new book “The Gratitude Formula-A Seven Step Success System to Create a Life That You Love”. 

If you want to learn more about May and her work you can go to her website by clicking here.  You can also watch a great talk of hers about partnering with your CSO, just click here to be directed to the Youtube video.

I hope you enjoy this very inspirational podcast with author May McCarthy.

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