Podcast 745: 3 Vital Questions – Transforming Workplace Drama with David Emerald

We are all aware of drama in the workplace, and the costs both economically and emotionally are staggering.  My guest on this podcast author David Emerald speaks about his new book entitled “3 Vital Questions-Transforming Workplace Drama“.

David has three vital questions that help get the the root of the drama in the workplace.  The first is “Where are you putting your focus?” FISBE is an acronym that describes the human operating system that every one of us is using, all the time, states David. This stands for Focus, Inner State and Behavior, this is the problem orientation not the solutions orientation.

The second question is “How are you relating?” It’s a direct challenge to the stance of victimhood and this is all part of the human condition. David calls this the Drama Triangle or DDT, are you playing the role of the persecutor, the rescuer or the victim?

The last question is: What actions are you taking? If you want to be the creator in the problem solving then you focus on the outcomes-if you’re relating to others and to your experience through the TED (The Empowerment Dynamic) roles then the actions you take are going to be creative and generative.

If you want to remove the drama from your workplace then I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast with author David Emerald about his new book “3 Vital Questions“. You can also learn more by visiting his website at 3 Vital Questions.

Thanks for listening and enjoy this dynamic and engaging podcast with author David Emerald.

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