Podcast 681: Leading with Vision with Simon Vetter

Creating a compelling vision for your business and getting your employees to become engaged in the fulfillment of that vision is an art.

Learning how to be the leader that can create that vision and keep your employees excited about the vision is the topic of the book “Leading with Vision-The Leader’s Blueprint for Creating a Compelling Vision and Engaging the Workforce” by authors Simon Vetter, Bonnie Hagemann and John Maketa.

In my recent interview with Simon we talked about the quantitative data from over 400 companies who participated in Trends in Executive Development Survey, and the results.

Simon poses this questions “Is your company operating in a fog, getting disoriented, uncertain or even list in the minutiae, managers and employees being fearful of making a decision or feeling nervous and scared of taking action?

Or “does your company have a compelling vision with a clear sense of direction; a well-defined path for the future; people being courageous and decisive, taking initiative and calculated risk, enthusiastic and joyful to be part of an exciting journey?

In “Leading with Vision” Simon outlines six pieces to the puzzle 1) Imagine the invisible 2) Vet the vision 3) Creation options 4) Decide for change 5) Communicate effectively 6) Forster understanding.  If as a leader you can develop these abilities you can make the invisible visible.

If you want to learn how to embody courage, forge clarity, build connectedness and shape the culture of your organization then my podcast with author Simon Vetter is a must listen too.

If you want to learn more about “Leading with Vision” click the book link or you can click here to be directed to Simons’ website.

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