Podcast 682: Order of the Sacred Earth with Matthew Fox

We live in a time of greater environmental devastation than ever before. Unprecedented wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and storms are occurring across the globe. Polar ice caps are melting. Sea levels are rising and temperatures are climbing.  An increasing number of species are facing extinction. Economies and governments are tottering.

In my recent interview with contributing author Matthew Fox about a new book entitled “Order of the Sacred Earth” we dialogue about many of these issues, and how the politics and religions play a role in it’s reversal.  This book has two other authors as well, Skylar Wilson and Jennifer berit Listug and the problems we face as a society are addressed in the book from several generational viewpoints which really helps to make this an interesting and informative read.

The development of the order is the brainchild of Matthew Fox, and it was his vision to heal the earth by healing ourselves and the tremendous decisiveness that contributes to so many of the problems that exist socially, environmentally and economically.  The intersection of spirituality and activism is at the center of human evolution.

The ecocide that is facing our planet and our species is, at heart, not just a political or technological problem, but a spiritual problem. It derives from a false consciousness that claims that humans are more important  than other species and that other species exist to serve our needs. It derives, as Pope Francis has put it, from our narcissism as a species.  Therefore, we must do our inner work to liberate ourselves from anthropocentrism and greed and power-over dynamics and economics systems that appeal to these shadows in human consciousness, in order to succeed in making the next and big leaps to a healthy relationship with the Earth and her creatures“, states Fox.

If you want to learn more about the “Order of the Sacred Earth” then click here to be taken to the book website.

I hope you will join me in this very engaging and informative interview with author, activist and theologian Matthew Fox.

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