Podcast 846: Intention-Building Capabilities to Transform Your Story with Dr. Ian Brooks

How many of you might be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions that will help you make changes in your life.  If you avoid doing so and are uncomfortable with the possible pain associated with asking those questions you most likely are not going to take the monumental leaps in your life you deserve.

My guest in this podcast is Dr. Ian Brooks,  author of a new book entitled “Intention-Building Capabilities to Transform Your Story”    Dr. Ian is the Chief Executive and Founder of Rhodes Smith Consulting and  has been in the organization development and human capital field for over 20 years.  He  has a very extensive experience in personal coaching and leadership development.

In my interview with him, we discuss about transformation, organizing thoughts, strengthening capabilities and achieving harmony and success.  Dr. Ian recommends that we build our foundation, be conscious of it and invest in ourselves to get where we want to be.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Ian Brooks, his coaching programs and  his new book “Intention-Building Capabilities to Transform Your Story” , please visit his website on this link.

I hope you enjoy this very engaging interview with Dr. Ian Brooks.

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