Podcast 772: The Playbook to Managing Your Business By The Numbers by Wesley Lindquist

There is no doubt that during uncertain economic times that we need to understand our business financial affairs because if you are a business owner this affects your personal net worth.

In my interview with good friend Wes Lindquist, we speak about his new book entitled “The Playbook to Managing Your Business By The Numbers.” Wes reveals some of the secrets to understanding how to run your business by the number so that you can be more profitable, achieve your goals and reach the level of success you would like to attain.

No matter what size your is, this book addresses the element to focus on such as budgeting, forecasting sales, payables & receivables, cash flow analysis and many other elements that are frequently not a focus for business owners which tend can get them in trouble.

Once you get a handle on the numbers of your business and generate the summary level reports, you should feel much more relief and have less anxiety about where your business is headed.

If you want to learn more about Wes’s new book “The Playbook to Managing Your Business By The Numbers” please visit Wes’s website at www.thenumbersedge.com where you can get a sample download of the book as well as learn more about the on-line education programs Wes has for business owners.

We hope you enjoy this engaging interview with author and financial expert, Wes Lindquist.

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