Podcast 773: The Future is Faster Than You Think by Steven Kotler

We all would like to be able to predict the future, for it provides some level of certainty.  We know that predicting the future is impossible, and this is being shown as a result of the current economic crisis and the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, while predicting the future is not possible, looking for trends on what is likely to evolve is possible.  In my interview with author Steven Kotler the author of a new book entitled “The Future is Faster Than You Think” we discuss what he and co-author Peter Diamandis believe are going to emerge as a result of the fast-passed technology sector.

In my interview with Steven, we speak about flying cars, robots, virtual reality, AI, the satellite race, and quantum computing all of these technologies are going to affect how we work and live in the next 10 years.  Steven predicts that at the speed that technology is evolving, that our lives as we know it will change significantly.  It also will have effects on the current system that will make them obsolete.

Every time I interview Steven it is a complete education on topics that I don’t often think about.  So, if you have an interest in learning more about how your world is going to change in the next 10 years then you will want to listen to this interview with author and futurist Steven Kotler about his new book “The Future is Faster Than You Think.”

Please visit the website for the book by going to https://futurefasterbook.com/

You can also learn more about Steven and his initiative Flow Research Collective and take a free quiz by going to https://www.flowresearchcollective.com/.  We hope you enjoy this face-paced interview with author Steven Kotler.


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