Podcast 771: 27 Questions to Make You Sweat—A Workout Guide for the Soul by Gregg Sultzer

I recently had the opportunity to interview author Gregg Sulzer about his new book entitled “27 Questions to Make You Sweat—A Workout Guide for the Soul.

In our interview, Gregg tells a story about how his life was changed dramatically by a little book written by Krishnamurti called “Think on These Things”.   What impacted him the most is that his parents were atheists, and this was one of the first books that awakened him to the spiritual world.

He notes that Krishnamurti mentioned to keep looking inside yourself and to not listen to the outside world, listen to your own voice.  That the only thing that makes any difference is what is going on in your inner mind.  This book set Gregg on his spiritual path, and he has not turned back since.

If you are interested in examining your life, then reading Gregg’s book “27 Questions to Make You Sweat” is a wonderful book in which you will be asked questions to ponder and it will get you thinking about your beliefs, relationships with people and money.  It will certainly awaken within you a desire to want to see your world differently and find ways to be more kind to yourself.

If you want more information about “27 Questions to Make You Sweat” then go to Gregg’s website at www.gwscoaching.com.  I hope you enjoy this thought-provoking interview with author Gregg Sulzer.

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