Podcast 766: The Self-Evolved Leader with Dave McKeown

Leadership is a fascinating topic with lots of book having been written on the topic. While the topic need not be complicated, when you think about “a leader” you begin to see that the emotional intelligence of the leader really does make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a leader.

In my interview with author Dave McKeown  we discuss his new book entitled ” The Self-Evolved Leader – Elevate Your Focus and Develop Your People in a World That Refuses to Slow Down.” Dave and I look at the factors that have leaders scrambling just to maintain their effectiveness. “One of the current issues leaders face is the speed that we are moving. Each year we spend tens of billions of dollars on leadership trainings, books, workshops, webinars, coaches and keynote speeches. Despite the colossal amount we invest in building better leaders, we’re experiencing a more significant leadership gap than ever before” states Dave.

During our interview Dave, exposes just some of the issues of balancing between agility and execution, achieving more with fewer resources, the constant pull on our attention, the rapidly changing workplace, reliance on heroics just to name a few.

Dave speaks about what he refers to the “Cycle of Mediocrity” — and to put it quite simply, it occurs as a result of us believing that we need to react urgently to issues, be a hero, and solve problems with haste which leads to learned helplessness and disempowerment within our teams.

If you want to break this cycle, then I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast and read Dave McKeown’s book “The Self-Evolved Leader“.

If you want to learn more about our author please click here to be directed to his website Outfield Leadership.

I hope you enjoy this engaging interview with coach and transformational advisor Dave McKeown.

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