Podcast 752: Everyone Deserve A Great Manager with Victoria Roos Olsson

Can you remember a time when you worked for an organization that you loved, and the manager you reported to was a caring and compassionate and engaging person?

If you want to build an organization where the people love to work for you, then you will want to listen to this podcast with author Victoria Roos Olsson about a new co-authored book by the Leadership Team at Franklin Covey entitled “Everyone Deserves a Great Manager“.

Franklin Covey has spent four decades researching leadership, and they have found that first-level leaders are increasingly frustrated by the lack of mentoring, overburdened by impossible demands on their time, and worried about conducting difficult conversations–and if they don’t have a path forward, the odds are high that they’re going to abandon leadership and maybe their employer too.

This research has lead the leadership team at Franklin Covey to develop the six critical practices for leading a team–you want to know what they are?

Practice #1- Develop a Leader’s Mindset

Practice #2 Hold Regular 1 on 1’s

Practice #3 Set Up Your Team to Get Results

Practice #4 Create a Culture of Feedback

Practice #5 Lead Your Team Through Change

Practice #6 Manage Your Time and Energy

If you want to learn more about developing an organization with great leaders you are going to want to listen to this podcast with author and trainer Victoria Roos Olsson about the new Franklin Covey book “Everyone Deserves A Great Manager.”  You can learn more about the book and get free resources by clicking here to be directed to the book website.

You will also find engaging videos about each of the six critical practices which are a great way for you to learn more about what to do to become a great manager.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with author Victoria Roos Olsson.


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