Podcast 753: Contagious You with Anese Cavanaugh

In today’s era of perpetual burnout, we have become too overworked, too unfocused, and just too busy.  While we have greater ability than ever before to do more, be more, strive harder and push further, unfortunately, this is a downside: burnout is high, truly inspiring leaders are invested team players are rare. This pace of fast business and hard demands has become unsustainable. In order for us to innovate to the next level of business, a new kind of leadership is required.

In my interview with author Anese Cavanaugh about her new book entitled “Contagious You: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead and Create the Impact You Want” Anese and I speak about how important intentions, energy, and presence to the development of the individual and the culture of any organization is. The three methods are called “IEP” have an impact on the lives of employees and make for a more fulfilling and enriching life if individuals understand how to set intentions, control and be aware of the energy they bring to work, and thus this leads to positive focused energy that when held result in a presence and peace that has an positive influential impact on others.

There are three parts to the IEP Method:

1) Rebooting your presence

2) Building a strong energetic foundation and field

3) Creating intentional impact.

You should look at this method as leading from the inside out and in so doing you and everyone around you as a leader will be impacted positively.

If you want to learn more about Anese Cavanaugh and her new book “Contagious Youplease click here to be directed to her website.  You can also check out this video of Anese speaking about the IEP method.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with author Anese Cavanaugh.


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