Podcast 751: Build an A Team with Whitney Johnson

Have you ever heard of the “S Curve”?  If you listen to my interview with author and team building thought leader Whitney Johnson you will be learn about the “S Curve” and its importance in the business world today.  Whitney is the author of a new book entitled “Building an A Team-Play to Their Strengths and Lead them Up the Learning Curve.”

The secret to having an engaged and productive team, is having a plan for developing all of your employees – no matter where they are on their personal learning curves. Better morals and higher performance happen through learning, states Whitney. “The best bosses know this, and they know how to make it happen by thoughtfully designing people’s jobs around the skills they have today as well as the skills they’ll need to be even more valuable tomorrow. That’s how entire organization stay competitive in an unpredictable, rapidly changing business environment.”

Through engaging stories and real life examples, Whitney engages the reader on a learning journey on how to build your A Team.  This interview and book are for anyone who is looking to improve the performance of their workforce, as well as prepare them for the future as valuable team members with contributions that matter.

If you want to learn more about “Building an A Team“, please click here to be directed to Whitney’s website and podcast show called Disrupt Yourself, the title of her previous book.

I hope you enjoy this very engaging podcast with author and thought leader Whitney Johnson.

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