Podcast 750: The Soulful Art of Persuasion with Jason Harris

Persuading someone to do something, or to take an action is definitely an art. The psychology, interplay and dynamics are a carefully woven tapestry between the marketing/salesperson and the client.

This is especially true if you are doing the persuading with soul, heart and compassion. In Jason Harris’s new book entitled ” The Soulful Art of Persuasion” the reader gets to take a journey with the author who is the founder of Mekanism–a leading advertising agency into how anyone can become a soulful persuasion artist.  Everyone is selling and telling a story, but just how good are you at telling your story. How can you become a master influencer in this age of distrust through the cultivation of character-building habits that are essential to both personal growth and sustained business success.

This is not a book full of tips and life hacks. Instead “The Soulful Art of Persuasion” helps you develop the habits that other want to be influenced by. It is based on a radical idea: Persuasion isn’t about facts and argument. It’s all about personal character.  Through instructive and entertaining stories, Jason lays out the 11 habits that will guide readers to become authentically persuasive, including—earning respect through collaboration, becoming the person other want to be around, and practicing generosity through gestures big and small.

I hope you will join Jason and myself as we explore the benefits and stories that are told in this interview about being a soulful persuasion artists.  This interview is certainly worth listening to, so you can learn the character building skills to become a great, authentic person of influence and persuasion.

If you want to learn more about Jason and the book please click here to be directed to the book website or you can click here to be directed to his advertising agency website.

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