Podcast 740: Love is Just Damn Good Business with Steve Farber

We all know that there are only two important emotions, love and fear. If we come from fear we are often coming from a position of contraction and defensiveness.  If we allow our love to be experienced we can have a lasting effect on everyone we meet and the work we passionately embrace.

This is the premise of author and my guest on this podcast Steve Farber. Steve is the author of a new book entitled “Love is Just Damn Good Business-Do What you Love in Service of People Who Love What you Do“.  As we all know love has a reputation as the softest of all topics, and is what many people think they must suppress to become successful. But the cultures of today’s leading companies suggest that the opposite is true: Love is, in fact a hardcore business principle that is essential to leading winning organizations and to elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Steve has been advocating “Love is Just Damn Good Business” for quite some time, and has gained the support of many national companies like Microsoft, Lilly and AT&T.  The most important thing is that the “love”premise is not just talk.  It can be measured and is supported by much of the data that Steve and others have collected over the years of work in his cultural transformation work.

Steve has developed a leadership model called LEAP, which stand for Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof.  When employees experience this sequence from their leaders , they become more loyal, innovative, creative and inspired.  If you want to inspire your employees with the LEAP principles, then I encourage you to listen to and apply what author and cultural transformation consultant Steve Farber is speaking about in this podcast.

You can learn more about Steve Farber and the new book by going to www.stevefarber.com.  Enjoy this great interview with author Steve Farber.

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