Podcast 731: 101 Mission Statements From Top Companies with Jeffrey Abrahams

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a corporate mission and vision statement? I have been working in the field of cultural transformation and corporate strategic planning for years, and just last month I had the itch to research books on how to create a great compelling mission  statements.

In the process of doing my research, I ran across a little book entitled “101 Mission Statements from Top Companies” by author Jeffrey Abrahams. I invited Jeffrey to be a guest on the show for our interview about mission statements development. His book is probably the de facto resource on corporate mission statements development.

In our interview with Jeffrey, we discuss how a mission statement can become the blueprint for success. As mission statement is part of the set of fundamental principles by which a business operates.  The rest of the set would include the vision, goals, and slate of operating principles, ethics statement, and environmental policy and the basic business philosophy — among many other statements. Thinking of a mission statement as part of a company’s overall blueprint for success — and communicating that to employees, customers and the public — gives a company a head start on achieving that success.

If you are working on your personal mission or your organization’s mission statement then you will want to listen to my interview with author Jeffrey Abrahams about his book “101 Mission Statement from Top Companies“. In this book, Jeffrey has compiled the best of the best in mission statements, and it is a wonderful reference for anyone creating a corporate mission.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jeffrey Abrahams, if you want to learn more about Jeffrey Abrahams please click here to be directed to his personal website. Thanks for listening!

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