Podcast 730: Think Wrong with John Bielenberg

“The way we solve problems is broken and we have been trapped by techniques from a different era” states John Bielenberg the author of a very intriguing book entitled “Think Wrong-How to Conquer the Status Quo and Do Work that Matters”.

In this interview with John we explore the techniques and assumptions that have been holding us back from breakthrough problem solving. Our feelings and thoughts are driven by spirit and not some tangle of neurons and chemistry inside our heads, and the only way out of this dilemma is to conquer our biology and culture to breakthrough the status quo. Our brains are conspiring against us and John and his team have developed six wrong thinking practices that can help you beyond the status quo.

The first is to Be Bold and make a difference this means we need to move from defining to dreaming.  The second wrong thinking practice is to Get Out, find fresh inspiration for status quo bursting solutions, move from research to seeking.  The third wrong thinking practice is to Let Go, stretch beyond assumptions, biases, and orthodoxies to expand what is possible, movement from solve to imagine. The fourth wrong thinking practice is Make Stuff, gain insights from making move from implement to explore.  The fifth wrong thinking practice is to Bet Small, discover what works without risking it all move from scale to experiment. The last and sixth think wrong practice is to Move Fast, be open so others can help you improve your solutions and achieve impact sooner, move from defining to sharing.

If you are looking to breakthrough the status quo and improve your problem solving skills and abilities, then you won’t want to miss this interview with author John Bielenberg about his new book “Think Wrong”. If you want to learn more about John Bielenberg, you can go to his book’s website here.

Or you can check out Solvenext which is an organization that has many of the tools and trainings you would need for your teams. I hope you enjoy this interview with author, inventor, and thought leader John Bielenberg.

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