Podcast 723: Sales in a New York Minute™ with Jennifer Gluckow

Another podcast on selling–you bet ya!  We can never learn enough about the psychology behind the people that we sell, or the people that sell to us–right?  In this interview with Jennifer Gluckow the author of a new book entitled ” Sales in a New York Minute” we discuss how to become a better salesperson and thrive instead of just “make it in sales”.  Most successful people are a believers in a routine because this sets the tone for the day. What is your routine and how does it help you set the tone for your day?

Jennifer says to clear your mind of clutter from your to-dos, start happy, check in with yourself, and use attitude antioxidants such as taking a bath, shower, listen to music, meditating, go for a walk, work out or whatever helps you get in the right mood and attitude.  We also discussed how negativity blocks our creativity, and we all know that being creative in sales is one of the element that provide us with an edge.  The more you can stay peaceful and in self control, the more great ideas you’re going to have in a creative New York Minute states Jennifer.

I love what Jennifer says about the subconscious mind, “Goals are intentions to achieve. When you wake up in the morning subconsciously, you have already made a decision about what you are going to do that day.  Those are your intentions. If you can combine your intentions with your goals that you have set, then the actions that you take will lead you to achievement.  Your actions are not just intentions, they’re your choices, and only you make those choices.

I encourage you to listen to and take notes on what Jennifer is speaking about in this interview. I also recommend that you click on this link to get some of her free downloads, you will be really impressed with the quality of the content and what you will learn from it.

If you want to make more sales, more easily then get “Sales in a New York Minute” it is a must ready for any salesperson on a quest to improve their process, leading to an enriched life as a salesperson.

Enjoy this great interview with author, podcaster, and sales trainer Jennifer Gluckow.  Also listen to her podcast show called “Sell or Die” just click this link.


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