Podcast 717: Bulletproof Problem Solving with Charles Conn

We all could be better problem solvers, and rely as much on our intuition as well as a skill set that can be learned and practiced to hone our skills as better problem solvers.

In my recent interview with author Charles Conn we discuss his new co-authored book with Robert McLean entitled ” Bulletproof Problem Solving-The One Skill that Changes Everything“.   Charles states that there are seven steps to becoming a better at problem solver and they are: 1) Defining the Problem 2) Disaggregate 3) Prioritize 4) Workplan 5) Analyze 6) Synthesize 7) Communicate.

As Charles states great problem solving has never been more important for business and society. The problem facing humankind are larger, more complex, and moving faster than ever before. Modern organization now rely on nimble, iterative problem solving, rather than traditional planning processes.

In “Bulletproof Problem Solving” presents compelling case studies of how the seven step approach has been used effectively on cracking complexity and developing sound solutions to very complex problems. This seven step framework is robust and adaptable to addressing a wide range of personal, work and societal problems.

If you want to learn how to become a better problem solver you can visit Amazon to acquire the book, or you can learn more about Charles Conn by visiting Oxford Science Innovation.  Thanks for listening, I know you will enjoy this interview with author Charles Conn.

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