Podcast 707: Make Yourself Clear with Reshan Richards & Stephen J. Valentine

I woke up at 4AM with a thought that I needed to make my conversation more visual and compelling.  So I picked up my cell phone and typed into the browser “Visual Whiteboarding”  and up popped an application celled Explain Everything. 

I continued my search and found out that the strategic marketing guy was in San Diego (my home town).  After several calls with Regan Hatchett and working with the application I was hooked. Regan subsequently introduced me to Reshan Richards the brains behind Explain Everything, which lead to doing this podcast about his new book “Make Yourself Clear-How to Use A Teaching Mindset to Listen, Understand, and Explain Everything, and be Understood“.  If being clear in our communication is not a benefit, then I must live on a different planet.   There is so much misunderstand in our always on digital world, that it really creates problems in our educational and business environments.

In this compelling interview with Reshan Richards and Stephen Valentine we discuss the key behind  “Making Yourself Clear” which starts with a teaching mindset. As Reshan and Stephen write in the book “The “new now” of learning is transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary.  The modern learner-practitioner, whether she or he as a teacher, learner, employee, seller or buyer has be unboxed and unbound–invited to be combinatory and connective and to solve problems that matter. The modern learner-practitioner has full permission and agency to think across domains, between silos, and using all available perspectives.

To make yourself clear requires three dimensions of connection that are highly valued in today’s fast moving, information-rich, and highly automated society:  Authenticity–Immediacy–Delight.

Please listen to this podcast with two very well informed authors about how to “Make Yourself Clear“.  If you want to learn more about the book please click here to be directed to the website, if you want to download a free version of the application please click here to be directed to the Explain Everything website. 

Enjoy this wonderful interview with authors Reshan Richards and Stephen J. Valentine.


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