Podcast 709 Hearts Set Free with Jess Lederman

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jess Lederman the author of a new book entitled ” Hearts Set Free“, a novel with three great stories compelling the readers to look inside at the pain and suffering of the characters in the stories with the intention of having the reader relate, understand and wake up to what their life would like if they had more faith in God their life.

“Hearts Set Free” is a epic work of historical fiction that begins in the Alaska Territory in 1925, as a boy and his mother go in search of the man who abandoned them for a beautiful woman, and continues into the present day. It’s a riveting tale of men and women who journey from the darkness of doubt to triumphant faith, and from the ache of loneliness to everlasting love.

Jess Lederman’s story is that his wife was given on two years to live when she was diagnosed with ALS.  They moved from Dallas Texas to a small town in Alaska, where they read Christian classics and looked out on the glory of God’s creation.  Yet, only a few year before he and his wife had been fervent atheists, smugly sure that God did not exist.

If you are questioning your faith in “God” and that he might not exist because of a personal pain or tragedy that you have not been able to resolve, then reading “Hearts Set Free” will renew you faith and will help you rekindle your relationship with God.  I hope you enjoy my interview with author Jess Lederman about his new book “Hearts Set Free”.

You can click this link to be taken to his website for more information about his teaching, books and blog.

Here is a link to a trailer video about Hearts Set Free which will provide you peak into the stories within the book. 

Enjoy this interview with author Jess Lederman.


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