Podcast 785: Rethinking Success-Eight Essential Practices for Finding Meaning in Work and Life with J. Douglas Holladay

Success is an interesting factor in life, and it all depends on how you view success.  In our modern world, it seems as if success is measured by how wealthy you have become and how many possessions you have amassed.  Unfortunately, we should not be measuring the success of an individual by what they have made, but more on their character and what they have contributed to the world.

There are lots of successful people in the world that were not wealthy financially but have made tremendous contributions-Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teressa, Dalai Lama just to name a few.

I had the true honor to interview Douglas Holladay the author of a new book entitled “Rethinking Success-Eight Essential Practices for Finding Meaning in Work and Life” Doug through my eyes exemplifies what it means to be successful, not just financially–but by how he treats others and this kind and compassionate ways.

His new book is exceptional and provides the reader with real-life stories, and personal examples of people who are looking for finding meaning and purpose in their lives, it also provides advice and guidance on how to live a well-lived life.

As Doug writes in “Rethinking Success” Two lives, two opportunities to discover purpose and meaning.  One used his “moment” to alter the trajectory of his life-toward greater meaning–while the other feels lost. Henry David Thoreau describes the life leading up to this crisis moment as “quiet desperation,” while T.S Eliot warns of the risk of becoming “hollow men.”  Meaning and purpose might be easy to define, but figuring out how they apply to our lives is not always easy; neither is maintaining them, states Holladay.

Within this book are eight principles that if lived– I believe will change your life forever.

1) Know and live your own story

2) Maintain deep connections in your core relationships

3) Regularly express gratitude, rather than taking good things for granted.

4) Learn to forgive and serve.

5) Define success and failure for yourself, rather than allowing your worth to be defined by others shifting and subjective standards.

6) Make sure risk continues to play a role in your life, rather than allowing the torpor of security to deaden your soul.

7) Integrate your life, rather than compartmentalizing it.

8) Work to leave a legacy for others, rather than being stuck in the small and limited world of self-focus. 

If you are looking to lead a life with more meaning and fulfillment, then you will want to listen to this podcast with author Doug Holladay and get yourself a copy of “Rethinking Success“.

You can learn more about Doug and the book by clicking here.  You can also watch a book launch video that Doug did with Steve Case the founder of AOL and wife Jean the chair of the National Geographic Society by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy the inspirational and engaging interview with Doug Holladay.

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